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Gurmandí 2007

These top quality artworks are produced by Jorge Gurmandí and supplied direct from his studio workshop. Any pieces are supplied not mounted, thru the formal ways of mailing, plus post costs to the buyers. You can order or ask for further information on any artwork by mail from:
Jorge Gurmandí House Studio /


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Exhibición renovable de obras en Ineco, Buenos Aires.
Renewable Art Exhibition at Ineco (Buenos Aires), June since.

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Video: Mujeres - Women

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Collage Buenos Aires
Óleo, 100 x 200 cm / Oil, 80 x 40 in

Collage Buenos Aires: monumento a Torcuato de Alvear, Floralis Generica, Catalinas, Bandera Nacional y Obelisco, conventillo de La Boca y el odeón de Barrancas de Belgrano.
Collage Buenos Aires: Alvear's monument, Floralis Generica, Catalinas neighborhood, the Flag and the Obelisc, La Boca conventillo, the odeon at Barrancas de Belgrano square.

Collage Buenos Aires
Fragmento / Detail

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"Cautivos", un lienzo de 100 x 200 cm. (Click: amplía)

"Captives" 40 x 80 inches canvas (A click means bigger image)


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Pictoescultura sobre el fútbol.
Pictosculpture meaning football games.

THE GLORY (48 x 36 x 2,8 in)
LA GLORIA (120 x 90 x 7 cm)


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Studio Album

Prensa / Press


Más obras / More oeuvres:

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